Covid-19 Grocery Store Update St Patrick’s Day 2020

I went to the grocery store today, as much out of curiosity to see for myself if the outages were as bad as represented and because I was out of Magnum Ice Cream bars. (At the last minute I decided to cook a crock pot Beef Stroganoff cause what says St Pattys day more than Beef stroganoff? Right?

My last trip to the grocery store, before today, was 10 days ago on March 7 when realizing I was out of waffles, I thought I should prepare for this growing pandemic.

I now considered myself ready for social distancing

I’m happy to report all is (mostly normal) at the grocery store. It is true there is no toilet paper or bottled water. Or much soup. Otherwise plenty of food. If you’ve ever been in scouts and gone camping or watched an episode of Chopped on the Food Network, you could pretty much turn what you can still find into a meal. Here’s a non surprise- the produce and fruits section looks untouched by human hands. Yes, I’m pleased to announce the grocery store is still safely filled with real food.

I admit I’ve been perplexed by the unrelenting run on toilet paper. I figured it out today. These people type “disease” followed by.a “c” “typo h”, then “o” into google and “cholera” popped up. I’m sure if you’re not familiar with your infectious diseases and read the brief description of cholera, you would have bought three grocery carts of toilet paper too. (I’m leaving you to look up cholera on your own to maintain a little decorum here). And lots of bottled water. Those with better google skills cleaned out the cold remedy aisle. Also, sugar shelves completely bare

So, to recap, shelves which are completely empty- toilet paper, bottled water, sugar. Mostly bare- soup, frozen pizzas. I’m going to let you make any logical conclusions on shopper demographics that you like. Oh, if you smile at anyone, they may look at you like they’re one of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse, and you’re….not.

Bonus- also started working on my greetings, since “Hi, how you doin” seems insufficient for a pandemic. At the pharmacy, “happy disease days” got a reasonable amount of smiles and giggles. “Happy pandemic”, leaving the grocery store, not so much. Maybe, “Have a nice quarantine!”? “Cozy Covid-19”? Any pandemic greetings left will be much appreciated.

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