Motion Sensor Plumbing Etc

I don’t know about you, but I find motion sensor plumbing only works correctly somewhere around 50% of the time
As I was in a very modern bath the other day, I found myself pondering just exactly how we got stuck with this crap. (Pun intended).  “If I have to push that flush lever one more time, I’m going to collapse from exhaustion, said no one ever.   Was there an epidemic of people rebelling against public flushing- leaving all their flushing energy to home effort only?  As I was sitting on the technologically modern throne the other day, it flushed four times.  Besides startling the %#* out of me (this puns for you too) I started wondering if I was actually on a bidet- that needed adderall.  
Now just as often, you get up to find nothing happens. These “advancements” in modern plumbing usually have a small button to push when the motion sensor fails.  I think these are for decoration only, since they usually don’t work. This causes me to engage in a contortionate dance in front of he motion sensor until I start looking for the hidden candid camera because I’m sure I’m getting punked.  Oh where did the old fashioned  flush handle go wrong.  
BUT- your frustration is not over.  You know have to try to wash your hands. Again, there are some statistics I can’t find suggesting turning faucet handles has led to an explosion of arthritis. I have noticed a rule of motion sensor plumbing-  in a public bath with three or more sinks, whichever sink you pick first – doesn’t work.  The second one usually does, but only if you wave like the third place finisher in the Miss universe pagent.   God help you if the soap is motion sensor too, which in this bathroom, it was.  I’ve now invested 30 minutes to this bathroom trip, my ass is soaked and I’ve yet to wash my hands
FINALLY, I got soap.  And water. I’m exhausted, but dammit, I’m seeing this thru.   Hands washed – now to dry and guess what- motion sensor towel dispense.   I’m waving faster then Peyton Manning denying knowledge of anything- in sign language   (above, below, under and in front of) the dispenser and finally I get three inches of towel.  20 minutes later my hands are dry.  I have carpal tunnel syndrome and a rotator cuff injury but, my hands are dry.   I have now spent an hour and 15 minutes in the bathroom of the Hilton enslaved to motion sensor technology.  
Here’s my last proof of how bad an idea this is- you have never seen a motion sensor vibrator. THAT would be the end of civilation as we know it. 

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