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Here’s the email I received:

Dear Lawrence A Laddaga, Thank you for your recent purchase from! Did you know that you can help improve Amazon’s packaging by leaving feedback for your recent purchases?  It’s very easy–just click the “Leave Packaging Feedback” button below. Amazon’s Packaging Feedback form is now optimized for your smartphone and mobile device.  Please leave your feedback today!

When I got the first one, I admit I was speechless.  I’ve gotten several now.  Let me start by saying I LOVE Amazon.  Great prices, unbeatable customer service, I could go on and on.  So, to write this blog, I actually LOOKED at the feedback.  It is actually “answer a few questions, yes no multiple choice kind of thing” BUT, they do have a comments section at the end.  I’m a little at a loss to imagine what exactly they are looking for with packaging feedback?
1.  Dear Amazon:  I know books aren’t “breakable” but on slow days, we really like getting stoned and snapping bubble wrap.  Could you wrap our book in bubble wrap next time?
2.  Dear Amazon:  I had one of those containers with the opening strip that starts with a tab?  You know, where you grab the tab and its supposed to tear all the way across the package but then the tab just tears off and the rest of the strip just sits there.  Yeah, that package is still unopened and I can’t get to my stuff.
3.  Dear Amazon:  I got a box from you, but it didn’t say which end I should open.  Can you please send package opening instructions?
4.  Dear Amazon:  Like, we went to the junk drawer where the scissors normally are, but they weren’t there and we looked all over the house, like for an hour, till we finally found them in the sex toys drawer.  Don’t ask me how they got THERE.
5.  Dear Amazon:  Why is all the packaging cardboard colored?  Is that a color?   Could it be prettier?  Then I’d be happier when your stuff came.
6.  Dear Amazon:  Hallmark has cards that when you open them, they play music.  Can you do that?  I’d like mine delivered with “Pour some sugar on me”.
7.  Dear Amazon:  the boxes I get from you are sealed with tape.  As professional packers,  I’ve always wanted to know:  cut the tape?  or peel the tape?  (I’m a cutter by the way.  the tape, not an emo kind of thing)
8.  Dear Amazon:  Why always square or rectangular boxes?  Circles, triangles, and other geometric shapes would also be very cool, please see former color feedback comment.
9.  Dear Amazon:  Every once in a while, could you send me someone ELSE’s order?  I like surprises.
10  Dear Amazon:  The other day, I got an e mail from you to answer a question from one of your other customers about  a product I reviewed awhile back.  I actually did it.  You opened a plan in Lexington county, about 100 miles near where I live.  If I drive by there, do I have to stop in and sweep up?
“We all live in Yellow Submarine”

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Dear Amazon,
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much you are all amazing. I received the good today and they are all good.

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