Reply To An Email Scammer

Here’s the e mail I just received. I’m sure some of you have received one just like it.




We Hope Your Business Is Going Well. Thank You for Using Mcafee.

So, We Would Like to Tell You with A keen Sense. That Your Subscription Will be Expire Soon

Your next subscription is auto-renewal.

We have charge $499.00 you within 24 hr

Your Product Details: –

Transaction ID: – HFBUH24

Subscription Name: – BFUW854

Product No.: – 756363289

If You Have Any Question, Reach Us Immediately:- +1 804-491-9609

Thank You

Billing Team

Dear McAfee,

Hi Sir, Madam, Prince, Princess, Potentate.

My Business Is Doing Quite Well, Thank You Because Like You, My Customers Do Not Think Anything Is Wrong Because We Can’t Follow Basic Rules of Capitalization.

I would like to reply, with great flavor, and with keen smell, that my subscription wont be expire soon, or expiring soon, or dyeing soon, because alas, you don’t even be understandment of verb conjugation, which I admission, tangleates 8th graders everytime place.

You say my next subscription it auto renewal, but I don’t want a subscription to auto renewal, I want one to McAfee. (Actually I don’t, I stopped using McAfee – well – its just so 90’s)

I dislike being cynically but I suspect this e mail might not be legitimate and was written in an overseas call center where knowledge of spoken and English language arts is not a requirement.

If you’re gonna be a criminal, at least be a smart criminal. Or hire a criminal with an English Degree.

Thank you,

Potential Scammer Victim Team


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