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Yoga Zumba and the Paroxysmal Back Spasm Part I

I know, I know, in a previous blog I wrote if you don’t want to sound old, don’t complain about your aches pains and ailments. But, you know, the exception that proves the rule and all. Anyway, since law school, thirty years ago, I’ve had these crippling back spasms periodically on just my lower left […]


Zumba and the Mt Pleasant Senior Center

Dale, the Norse Goddess of Zumba and Tango, suggested I sign up for the Mt Pleasant (Yes, I live in a place called “Mt Pleasant”. Apparently in the 1700’s “Mt Quiver” didn’t get past the Puritans) Senior Center so I could take her Zumba Class Monday through Friday from 8  am to 9 am.  Now, […]

Humor Zumba

Zumba class 10 and disturbing developments

I broke out dancing at the pharmacy.  I know.  I didn’t ease you into it.  No introduction.  Just hit you in the face with it.  I go to a small business non chain pharmacy, owned by a female pharmacist.  A lovely drug dealer who walked off the cover of Vogue.  She has all female pharmacy […]