Here’s the Facebook instant message from my 6ft 8 in 125 pound  (I may be exaggerating his height and weight just a little, but just to keep him anonymous ;))  good male friend that started this rant: “In other news, I’m setting my running ensemble aside for future yoga wear and shopping up some yoga clothes – WTF?! Why do all the men’s stuff look like board shorts and hoodies and all the ladies shit looks like it works right (tight but stretchy)?!?! Discrimination!! Lol!”  My reply:  “Boo F%&#ing HOO! I can’t even BUY yoga clothes, because APPARENTLY, Im the only fat ass doing yoga with a man’s waist above a 36. AND THATS the extra large – O…  don’t %^&$ing get me started!”
Well too late, I’m started now.  Wait, you say, you may be thinking “its nothing personal against fat people, (excuse me, “obese” is the proper term), it’s just a dollar and cents issue – if there was a ‘big” (pardon the pun) enough demand for workout/yoga clothes for fat people,  businesses would make them to sell. Pfffft.   Here are my thoughts on this issue.
1.  Lane Bryant and Men’s Big and Tall stores – meaning that big and tall people, (male and female) have a need/desire for every other kind of clothing so you know there is a demand for workout clothes.  And, since at my last count there were 9,547 web sites which pop up when you google “women in yoga pants”  in which almost none of them are ACTUALLY doing yoga,  I would argue the demand is definitely there.
2.  But, you say, “that many fat people don’t work out.”  I would reply that “fat” is a relative term.  Also, have you BEEN to yoga classes lately?  I would say the horizontally challenged are more in attendance than ever.  (If you’re trying to get back into shape,  meaning you can’t CRAWL a mile let alone run it or walk it – yoga is a great place to start). And lastly, under the “treadmill as clothes closet alternative”, I would suggest that fat people want to lounge around, shop, and drink beer in workout clothes as much as anyone else.
3.  The people of Wal Mart website(s).  If you haven’t seen this yet,  you need to.  You will see people wearing workout clothes, (and everything else) beyond your imagination.
Here’s a typical size “chart” or reference from a website or company that sells men’s yoga pants:  “Size Reference: S:29-31″ waist, M:32-33″ waist, L: 34-35″ waist, XL:36-38″ waist, XXL:39-40″ waist”.  Any guy who’s ever had a weight issue knows how ridiculous this scale is. (Personally, when I lose another 20 pounds on top of the 30 I’ve already lost,  I may be able to get into the 40 waist, assuming its not cut like a 36 waist).    For you ladies who may not have had the misfortune to have to buy any men in your life clothing – this would be the female equivalent:   S:000-00,  M:0-2,  L: 2-4,  XL: 4-6.  XXL 8-10. (I would not want to work for the store to hear the comments you’d get that actually used such a chart)  Now that I type that,  I’m thinking after 7 years of yoga classes, and thinking about what people wear, that this may be an accurate women’s size list for yoga clothing.  My daughter recently lost 150 pounds, and I remember one year for Christmas, her godfather gave her a gift certificate to American Eagle.  I remember her saying, “Well, ok, the only things they have there that will fit me are the baseball caps,  and that’s only if they have a large)
here’s a classic example – there is a national clothing chain called Rochester Big and Tall which, wait for it, sells clothing to men who are, “Big and or tall”.  They appear to make a lot of money.  They have wide  offerings of types of clothes and designer clothes.  Yes, Ralph Lauren even makes clothes for fat people.  Here’s their offerings:
rochester what they offer
YAY!!! Active wear, casual wear and GOLF (shoot me).  Here’s what happens when you search for “yoga”.
rochester big and tall
Fat people want to look cute too.  I rest my case.  Rant over.  Ohh yeah – Namaste.

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